Beyza Akın
(BArch), Architect, Acoustical Consultant

Beyza is the youngest member of the team, who came to know Mezzo Stüdyo through her summer internship. She graduated from Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University’s Department of Architecture in 2020. Her interest in architectural acoustics and her love of the team, she took her first step into her professional business life at Mezzo Stüdyo. Like every member of the team, she worked hard, starting inevitably on subway stations projects. On the other hand, in a very short time span he enlarged her project portfolio from subway stations to banking headquarters. She supported the team in the subjects of room and building acoustics of various projects including office, mixed use, culture, residential, health and education. In order to build up on her academic knowledge in architectural acoustics, she is currently pursuing her master degree studies in Building Physics at Yıldız Technical University.  Beyza, who is especially interested in the cultural heritage, acoustic properties of historical buildings, and their re-habitation, loves to get to know different cultures and to visit see different places. She also loves taking photos, traveling, and doing sports. She is quite keen on yoga and pilates. Her favorite leisure activity is long walks.  In the past, she has played volleyball for many years.

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