Gülnihan Atay
(BArch), Architect, Acoustical Consultant

Being one of the latest members of Mezzo Stüdyo team which she was initially involved as an intern, Gülnihan is also one of the fastest to adjust the project progress speed of Mezzo Stüdyo. She received her BArch degree in 2019 from Bilkent University and currently continues her journey in the same institute with her MSc. degree in Acoustics. In her graduate studies she investigates the employment of clay pots as Helmholtz resonators in the historical structures. With a recent grant awarded by the Acoustical Society of America based on her academic achievements, her academic life is on the move. In Mezzo Stüdyo family, she actively supports room and building acoustics design in projects from different scales. Her responsibilities vary from the acoustical design of the metro stations, hospitals, educational buildings to residential projects. On the personal side of life, just like any other Mezzo member, she is engaged in music. She aims to be an active contributor of music one day with her developing violin skills. Besides music, she is an equestrian and a painter that loves to experiment with different media of soft pastel and acrylic.
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