» About

MEZZO Stüdyo is a design and acoustical consultancy firm that combines expertise in acoustics, engineering, architecture and interiors to aid the design process in creation of acoustically comfortable, pleasant and performance-specific spaces. Our field of expertise has a wide range of applications including concert halls, opera houses, multi-use concert and theater facilities, drama, film and dance theaters, arenas, conference and convention centers, museums and exhibition halls, houses of worship, television and recording studios, home theaters, hotels, historic renovation, residential, commercial, education, healthcare, sports and transportation sectors.


» Vision

A company that conducts cutting-edge research in fields of interest and strives to provide state of art acoustical consultancy with emphasis on the code of ethics and seeks perfection within financial and technological limits.

» Mission

MEZZO Studio has adopted a mission to pioneer in the application of novel approaches in acoustical design, to conduct research and development in the area of acoustics and other relevant fields and to apply research findings into products for practical uses. MEZZO services include; Architectural design, interior design and space planning With a specialization on acoustically sensitive spaces as recording studios, concert halls and opera houses, multipurpose auditoria, home theaters or radio stations, our firm provides architectural design, interior design and space planning together with procurement services for a wide range of activity halls and buildings under our scope.

» Architectural acoustics / Room acoustics

Acoustical design of architectural spaces for MEZZO Studio is to optimize environments for many functions, including business, recreation, learning, worship, communication, broadcasting and entertainment. Room acoustics design includes shaping and sizing of architectural elements, adjusting volumes, acoustical detailing and defining finishes and materials in lieu with the assessment and evaluation of acoustical comfort parameters.

» Sound isolation

Two major issues of sound isolation are airborne sound isolation and impact noise isolation that are of priority essentially in multi storey residential and commercial building projects. Sound transmission and impact isolation classes are assessed by related computational tools with respect to international or local building codes. Designing project specific sound isolation details are one of major tasks within our scope.

» Noise and vibration control

Mechanical room design, in MEZZO Studio’s scope, includes floating floor, sound isolation wall and ceiling assembly specifications together with design of floor structure for sensitive equipment. Machinery acoustics focuses on noise and vibration control for all types of moving equipment such as air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, rooftop units, chillers and cooling towers, central plants, electrical and plumbing equipment.

» Environmental noise evaluation and control

Environmental noise analysis includes transportation, industry, recreation and residential, commercial development and entertainment facilities. In addition to environmental noise control, MEZZO Studio assists industrial acoustics and noise control to optimize communication and limit worker-exposure in the workplace - typically in manufacturing or other heavy industries.

» Material research

Acoustical material research and development has been an important motivator in formation of MEZZO Studio company profile. Unique materials for unique experiences have been the motto of the Company for both room and building acoustics materials. More specifically interior finishes, decorative elements and construction units are treated as fruitful sources for developing creative and responsive ideas in resolving acoustical issues indoors and outdoors.

» Acoustical tests and measurements

MEZZOLaB is an independent laboratory providing uniform material testing to the audio, acoustics, and construction industries. Sound absorption coefficient and transmission loss measurements are major tests in accordance with ISO 10534-2 standard to be held using Impedance tube/Kundt tube.

» Cooperates with

HFMG Construction, Machinery & Manufacturing Ltd.

TARU Engineering Inc.

Frekans Environmental Laboratory