Rozhin Naeemaee
(BArch, MSc), Acoustic Research Assisstant

Rozhin as the latest and first international member initially started her journey with the Mezzo Stüdyo team as an intern. She is originally from Iran, born and raised in Tehran. She relocated to Turkey for higher education attending Bilkent University, where she attained her Bachelor's degree in Architecture in 2018. She continued her studies at the same institution, focusing on the intricate field of room acoustics, and successfully completed her graduate studies in 2022. During her graduate research, she investigated how individuals perceive reverberation in educational atriums. With a goal to optimize acoustical conditions without resorting to excessive use of absorptive materials. In Mezzo Stüdyo, her main responsibilities include assessment and research on the room and building acoustical comfort and design parameters of congress halls, metro stations, hotels, and airport projects.

On the personal side of life, she is an animal lover with her three rescued dogs. Besides architecture and acoustics, she also carries a passion for water sports, having once been a licensed lifeguard and an ex-professional artistic swimmer.

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