»Zeynep Bora Özyurt

Zeynep flourishes the projects with her interior design background and she opens up new routes for MEZZO fields of expertise. Multi-purpose halls conceptualize with her tastes and rendering skills. Within MEZZO philosophy of getting competence on different subjects of room and building acoustics,  she does not only contribute to the acoustical design process of music and speech venues, but also supports various projects including underground and overground metro stations. Completed her master’s thesis on soundscapes in open-semi open-enclosed public spaces, with a focus on subway stations, she advanced the knowledge accumulation of team on applied areas.


Having been grown up at the back stages of Ankara State Opera House and 18 years of musical background and conservatory dreams on flute, it is not to surprise that Zeynep ended up her carrier as an interior designer with a specialization on acoustics. On the personal side, her life is all about combining art with pastry, darts, camping, performing instruments of flute, piano, guitar and making plans to extend that list..:)




PhD in Building Knowledge, Uludağ University Department of Architecture, on going

Master of Fine Arts - Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Bilkent University, 2014

Bachelor of Fine Arts- Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Bilkent University, 2011           

Arı Science High School, 2007



Professional Affiliations

Chamber of Interior Architects of Turkey (TMMOB)




Yılmazer, S., Bora, Z.(2017). Understanding the Indoor Soundscape in Public Transport Spaces: A Case Study in Akköprü Metro Station, Ankara. Building Acoustics, Vol.24 (4), 325-339.

Sü Gül,Z.,Nursal Meric, I., Bora, Z. Çalışkan,M. (2016). Acoustical Design of Awaza Convention Center. ICA 2016 International Congress on Acoustics, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Bora, Z., Yılmazer, S.(2015). Investigating the Space Recognition and Soundmarks in Open- Semi Open and Enclosed Spaces via Semantic Ratings. AESOP Annual Congress, 2015, Prague, Czech Republic

Bora, Z. (2014). Understanding soundscape in public spaces: a case study in Akköprü metro station, Ankara (Master’s Thesis). Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.

Bora, Z., Yılmazer, S. (2013). Comparision study of the soundscapes of open- semi-open - enclosed spaces : Akköprü metro station. TAKDER 10th National Congress,İstanbul, Turkey