»Erinç Odabaş
Being a key member of both project management and research team, Erinç adds up to the success of MEZZO with his substantial background on acoustics science and his skills on theoretical implementation of mathematical knowledge into physical phenomena. Besides managing in-house software development for noise control engineering applications through MATLAB, C, C#, Erinç is also proficient at architectural acoustics modeling and simulation tools such as CAD, Sketch Up and ODEON enabling him to contribute to room acoustics studies within the Company. Mechanical noise and vibration control studies of MEZZO projects have rooted on mathematical codes developed by Erinç, which not only strengthens the scientific grounds of the engineering assessment but as well speeds up the project phases. Erinç also leads upscale projects on building acoustics assessment and design, including multi-storey office and residential buildings or hotel complexes. His academic focus on acoustic diffusors and panel absorbers, has finalized with an MS Thesis and a utility model licensed to MEZZO Studio for specific acoustical material groups.

While architectural acoustics, auralization and applied acoustics are of Erinç’s major professional fields of interest, on the personal side he is an active musician performing bass guitar and piano in several bands for live performances and studio recordings. Erinç had directed METU “the company musicals” society from 2010 to 2011 and since 2009, he has been writing and arranging songs for his own bands. As his professional reputation growing every day with musical awards, it is not surprising that he is keen on designing studios -especially one for his own - and ended up by being a fundamental member of MEZZO team. It should also be noted that, our musician is as well a very talented cartoonist and graphics expert, designing our celebration cards every New Year.




Samsun Science High School, 2004
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University, 2009
Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, METU, 2012
Doctorate candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Yeditepe University, on going


Professional Affiliations
Chamber of Turkish Mechanical Engineers

METU “The Company Musicals”


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