»Prediction of Sound Transmission Through Elastomeric Bulb Seals

Examination of sound transmission loss characteristics of doors have two separate transmission paths to be considered. First one is the transmission through door leaf and the second one is the leak transmission through the elastomeric bulb seals.  Seals are the weakest part in terms of the sound transmission loss characteristic of the whole door structure. Hence, their insulation capability should be analyzed and optimized to improve sound transmission loss of an acoustical door.


The aim of this research is to predict sound transmission loss of elastomeric bulb seals. This assessment includes two main steps. A static analysis is required to determine the seal shape after compression. Seals are made of elastomers which shows nonlinear mechanical behaviour. Hence this part requires hyperelastic material modelling and nonlinear FEA.  An acoustic analysis calculating the sound transmission is then done on deformed body geometry obtained from the first step of this research.


Different seal geometries which are already using in industry are taken as cases. Effect of different material characteristics and different seal geometries on sound transmission is investigated. Influence of different hyperelastic material models on sound insulation values are studied.