»Merve Eşmebaşı

During undergraduate and graduate years in architecture department of METU, designing experiences with tools of architecture become primary focus point for her. While studying architecture, she realized the relation of light and forms. Interested in analog photography to capture light in architectural design. In due course, she met with another dimension of human perception, the sound, and amazed by its behavior in space. Being concerned of the interface of human senses with architectural design, she began studying in that field. She attended almost all architectural acoustics classes at master’s level, enjoyed it and shaped her research accordingly. That was also the time when she met with Mezzo Stüdyo team and became a part of the gang. Designing audial experiences via architecture, effects and power of architecture on how people experience and listen to the designed space became her new focus to study on acoustics in architecture. She is enhancing her work at Mezzo with her academic research in responsive architecture.



Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School, 2008

Bachelor of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2013

Master of Building Science, Middle East Technical University, ongoing 


Professional Affiliations

Architectural Chamber of Turkey (TMMOB)