Buğra Baran
(BArch), Architect, Acoustical Consultant

Buğra is one of the young bloods in the Mezzo Stüdyo team. After graduation from TED Ankara College Secondary School in 2009, his interest in sound and architecture goes back to high school years. In 2018, he graduated as an architect from the faculty of fine arts design and architecture, TOBB Economics and Technology University in Ankara, which acknowledges architecture as one of the leading roles of modern art. After a summer internship with Mezzo Stüdyo, he started to participate in the team and he currently contributes to architectural acoustics design with his artistic perspective. He is working mostly on Room and Building Acoustics topics in both national and international projects which are mainly mixed-use buildings and office complexes. Due to his musical background, he is interested in electro-acoustic systems, audio signal processing and psychoacoustics topics. Besides his affiliation with Mezzo Stüdyo he also works as an avid professional sound designer, electronic music producer, and DJ.

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