Erinç Odabaş
(BME, MSc), Senior Acoustical Consultant

Being a key member of both project management and R&D, Erinç builds up his expertise in the field of room acoustics, noise and vibration control engineering. He leads both national and international upscale projects while maintaining R&D and in-house software development to strengthen scientific background and speed up project development phases. He has expertise on up-to-date softwares and simulation tools in the field of acoustics, in addition to being specialist in field measurements. His professional interests mainly comprise theoretical and computational acoustics, recording studio design, sound quality and psychoacoustics. 

Upon receiving his Bachelor of Science from Department of Mechanical Engineering at METU, in 2009; Erinç continued his studies in the field of acoustics and got his MSc degree in mechanical engineering from the same Department of METU, in 2012. Erinç is a musician and arranger in Istanbul, performing bass guitar and keyboards as well as a guest musician for various artists. On the personal side, he is interested in graphic design and digital art.
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