Işın Meriç Nursal
(BArch, MSc), Senior Acoustical Consultant

Işın is an integral member of the Mezzo team. Her academic and professional background on acoustics matches up very well with MEZZO vision. Işın is competent in both acoustical modeling and room acoustics simulation tools. Having a Master’s degree on architectural acoustics from Istanbul Technical University on 2009 with a focus on speech intelligibility parameters in primary schools, material science is her other field of interest and she is currently pursuing PhD studies on the subject at The Department of Architecture of Middle East Technical University. Işın applies her knowledge of physics of materials in company’s R&D projects, while her enthusiasm as a researcher is valuable as well for many other client projects. Whenever there is a need for a project specific survey either in form of a theoretical review, listed manufacturer, standard or a design criteria specification, Işın is the one that can provide us with all available resources in the literature, in the shortest possible time span.

As all other MEZZO team members, Işın is a music lover, but as well a contributor. She started her piano classes at the age of 12, and in college she founded and directed classical music society for some years. Her desire to gather classical music fans was followed by the college radio show titled ‘from Baroque to Modern’, which she involved both as a scripter and as of an on air cast in presenting context for specific classical music pieces. Işın also enjoys ‘Flamenco’ dance, which she has been performing since 2006. 
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