Zeynep Bora Özyurt
(BFA, MFA), Senior Acoustical Consultant

Zeynep received her BFA degree in 2013 from Bilkent University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. She flourishes the projects with an interior designer’s point of view and opens up new routes for Mezzo fields of expertise. She completed her master’s thesis on soundscapes in open-semi open – enclosed public spaces, within the same institute in 2014. Based on Mezzo team's care to preserve history while creating the future, she is currently pursuing her PhD studies on historical Turkish baths and their acoustical properties. Wherever there is a challenging subject in room acoustics, as of stadiums, colossal speech and music venues or international airport terminals, Zeynep is the one in the team to take on the full responsibility with her high modeling skills. She also contributes to the Mezzo team in computer aided visual design and editing.

Having been grown up at the back stages of Ankara State Opera House and of 25 years of musical background and conservatory dreams on flute, it is not surprising that Zeynep ended up her carrier as an interior designer with specialization on acoustics. On the personal side, her life is all about combining art with edible goods, camping, performing instruments of flute, piano, guitar and making plans to extend that list.
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